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Modern Studies Application Form


The program in Modern Studies is intended for those students who wish to concentrate in literature of the modern period (1789 to the present) and who also desire to combine literary study with work in other fields. The guiding idea is that an interdisciplinary approach will lead the student to a more comprehensive and subtle understanding of the modern world. Accordingly, students in the program develop a curriculum that will permit them to situate literature in relation to other areas relevant to modern culture, such as history, music, philosophy, religion, political science, psychology, or the visual arts.

If you are interested in the program, I’d be very grateful if you’d provide brief answers to the questions below and return them to my mailbox in 229 Bryan Hall, or send them to me via email at ck9m@virginia.edu. Thanks very much,

Christopher Krentz, Director, Modern Studies



PHONE:                                                  EMAIL ADDRESS:

I. Attach a copy of your current unofficial transcript.

II. Attach a brief statement (approximately 1-1/2 pages) explaining what you hope to accomplish in the Modern Studies Program (i.e., what kind of interdisciplinary subject would organize your Modern Studies major and how that work is related to your interest in English courses) and why your plans could best be achieved within the context of this program. Give your proposed concentration a name and list several courses in the current COD that would be appropriate to it.

III. Please ask a faculty member or teaching assistant from any department in the College of Arts and Sciences who knows your work well to endorse your application by completing the section below entitled "Modern Studies Endorsement."