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Careers for English Majors



In recent years, our majors have gone on to successful careers in such different fields as business, government service, medicine, law, architecture, advertising, journalism, technical writing, publishing, banking, and teaching. Representatives from professional schools in business and law have told us that undergraduate study in English provides good training for the student interested in their fields. They value the ability of English majors to write clearly, think logically, organize evidence persuasively, interpret language in a penetrating manner, and express their ideas orally.

University Career Services (UCS) has many resources to help you decide what to do after graduation. In particular, they'll help you with the University Career Assistance Network (UCAN) database, which is found on the Alumni Association's "CAVLink“ (formerly "HoosTrak”). There you'll find a database of UVa alumni, many of whom were English majors, who have volunteered to answer questions and give advice to current students. You can stop by UCS during walk-in advising hours (Monday-Friday, noon-3:45pm) to learn more about this resource.

In addition to UCAN, a post-graduation report of recent graduates may also provide you with ideas regarding your first destination after UVa. Review the report here.