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Director, The Abraham Cowley Text-Image Archive, and Ovid Illustrated: The Renaissance Reception of Ovid in Image and Text, featuring Metamorphoses illustrations by Solis et al., with a verse commentary by Johann Spreng (1563)


Awards and Grants


Edited Collections of Essays

  • Beowulf: Basic Readings, Basic Readings in Anglo-Saxon England 1 (New York: Garland, 1995). Reissued as The Beowulf Readers, 2000.
  • Words and Works: Studies in Medieval English Language and Literature in Honour of Fred C. Robinson, ed. P.S. Baker and Nicholas Howe (Toronto: U of Toronto P, 1998).




  • "Malthus’s Vision: Ekphrasis and Corporate Sovereignty” to be published in Modeling Political Economy, 1720-1850 (Routledge, 2018)
  • "Institutional Structures," in Cultural History of Theatre in the Enlightenment, ed. Mechele Leon (Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2017)
  • "Shakespeare and Pantomime," in The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare, ed. Bruce Smith (January 2016)



  • "Epilogue: A Memorable Fancy", in Blake in Our Time. Essays in Honour of G. E. Bentley Jr., ed. Karen Mulhallen. U. of Toronto Press: Toronto, 2010: 262-264.
  • "Recitation Considered as a Fine Art," Experimental Literary Education, English Language Notes 47. 1 (Spring/Summer 2009): 181-183
  • "Literary History and Editorial Method; Poe and Antebellum America", New Literary History 40. 4 (Autumn 2009): 825-842.
  • "Literature by Design Since 1790", Victorian Poetry 48. 1 (Spring 2010): 11-40.



  • “Pioneering American Fiction: James Fenimore Cooper,” in Cambridge Companion to American Novelists, ed. Timothy Parrish, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2012).
  • “Mark Twain and His Times,” in Mark Twain: Critical Insights, ed. Ken Rasmussen (Salem Press, 2010)
  • “Readapting Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction on Screen (ed. Barton Palmer, Cambridge Univ. Press,  2007).
  • “The Twain-Cable Connection,” A Companion to Mark Twain (ed. Budd and Messent, Blackwell, 2006).



  • "Enlightenment, Some Assembly Required," essay co-authored with Chad Wellmon, The Eighteenth Centuries (book chapter, U.Va. Press, 2018).
  • "The Enlightenment Index," co-authored with Chad Wellmon, The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation 56:3 (Fall, 2015): 359-382.
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