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Selected Publications:

“Licentious Rhymers: John Donne and the Late-Elizabethan Couplet Revival.” English Literary History 84.2 (Forthcoming Fall 2017).

“Making Order in John Davies’s Orchestra.” Modern Philology 114.2 (November 2016): 243–63.

“‘Alle in generalle and nothing in specialle’: General and Special in Julian of Norwich’s Revelation of Love.” Journal of English and Germanic Philology 115.1     (January 2016): 79–94.



  • “The Poetics of Materialism” (SEL 2014).
  • “Milton’s ‘Unoriginal’ Voice: Quotation Marks in Paradise Lost” (Modern Philology 2014)
  • “The Dream of a Literal World: Wilkins, Hobbes, Marvell” (ELH 2014)
  • “Hobbes’s Leviathan: A Tale of Two Bodies” (The Seventeenth Century 2013)
  • “Monism and Metaphor in Paradise Lost” (Milton Studies 2011)
  • “Marvell’s Pronouns and the Ethics of Representation” (Medieval and Early Modern Authorship 2011)


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