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Graduate Student


Conference Presentations

  • "'Noght wol I knowe compaignye of man': Masculine Conceptions of Autonomous Femininity in The Knight's Tale," SEMA 2013.



  • “Poetic Justice: Slavery, Law, and the (Anti-)Elegiac Form in M. NourbeSe Philip’s Zong!” (forthcoming in the Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry).
  • Between the Acts: A Modernist Meditation on Language, Origin Narratives, and Art’s Efficacy on the Cusp of the Apocalypse” (forthcoming in the English Academy Review).
  • “Postconfessional Poetry and the Concentric Circles of Ideas in Frank Bidart’s ‘Ellen West’” (forthcoming in Proteus: A Journal of Ideas).



  • 'An analysis of the Script of Vercelli, Biblioteca Capitolare MS CCXXV' in Winfried Rudolf & Timoty Leonardy, eds., An English Prayerbook of the Fifteenth Century in Vercelli - Studies in the Palaeography and History of Vercelli, Biblioteca Capitolare, MS CCXXV (Vercelli: Gallo Editoriale, 2012) pp. 63-72.


  • 2013-14- Praxis Fellowship in Digital Humanities at The Scholars Lab at University of Virginia.
  • 2009-2010-Oxford University, Justinian C. Bracegirdle Exhibition Academic scholarship.


Peer-Review Articles

  • “More on the Missing ½ Second: A Review of Hansen (2000, 2015) and Hayles (1999, 2012)” (boundary 2, forthcoming)

Other Publications

  • “Jean Genet”; “Nirala”; “Mahmoud Darwish” in The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism (ed. Stephen Ross, forthcoming in 2016).

Conference Activity

Panels Organized

  • “Literature’s Boundary Work: New Media and New Textualities,” ACLA Seminar, Co-Organizer, with Annie Galvin, Scott Kushner, and Jonathan Abel, March 17-20, 2016.


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