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Director, The Abraham Cowley Text-Image Archive, and Ovid Illustrated: The Renaissance Reception of Ovid in Image and Text, featuring Metamorphoses illustrations by Solis et al., with a verse commentary by Johann Spreng (1563)


Poems and Stories Published in

Agni Review, American Poetry Review, Antioch Review, Blackbird, Boston Review, Cortland Review, Crazyhorse, Denver Quarterly, Ecotone, Five Points, Harvard Review, Kenyon Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, The New Yorker, North American Review, Northwest Review, Orion, Ploughshares, Poetry Daily, Prairie Schooner, Quarterly West, Shenandoah, Seattle Review, Slate, Southwest Review, The Threepenny Review, TriQuarterly, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Yale Review and many others.


Recent articles

  • "The Local Poem in a Global Age." Critical Inquiry (2017).
  • "'Cosmopolitan Sympathies': Poetry of the First Global War." Modernism/modernity (2016).
  • “Form.” In A New Vocabulary for Global Modernism. Ed. Eric Hayot and Rebecca Walkowitz. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press (2016).
  • "Poetry and Tourism in a Global Age." NLH (2015).
  • "Code-Switching, Code-Stitching: A Macaronic Poetics?" Dibur Literary Journal, Stanford ARCADE (2015).


Poems published in

The Kenyon Review, Poetry, Slate, Virginia Quarterly Review, Ploughshares, The Yale Review, Denver Quarterly, Shenandoah, Indiana Review, The Paris Review, The Southwest Review, The Boston Review and elsewhere.



  • "Change of Address," Ploughshares, Fall 2007
  • "Aerial Bombardment," Virginia Quarterly Review, Fall, 2006
  • "Us in February," Meridian, Fall, 2002
  • "September," The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine (August 17, 2000)
  • "A Suitable Goodbye," The Yale Review (Fall, 1993)
  • "Things Left Undone," The Southern Review (Spring, 1993)
  • "Something Important," The Boston Globe Magazine (May 5, 1991)
  • "Hole in the Day," The New Yorker (November 27, 1989)



  • “Bleak House, Liquid City: Climate to Climax in Dickens” A Global History of Literature and the Environment, eds. John Parham and Louise Westling (Cambridge University Press, 2017): 201-217
  • “Where to Breathe in Gissing’s London,” Proceedings from International Conference on Modernist Literature, (Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, forthcoming).





  • "Ruskin's Minerals." Field Notes vol 1, issue 4, Winter 2006. 12-15.
  • “‘A Talent for the Disagreeable’: Elizabeth Stoddard Writes The Morgesons.” Nineteenth-Century Literature, 58: 2, September 2003, 202-229.
  • "Modernism's Victorian Bric-a-brac," Modernism/Modernity, Fall, 2001.
  • "A Shelter of the Mind: Henry, William, and the Domestic Scene" in The Cambridge Companion to William James, ed. Ruth Anna Putnam, Cambridge University Press, 1995.

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