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Dissertation Description

“The Space Between the Novel and the World: Objects in the Contemporary Anglophone Novel"


Selected Publications

"George Eliot's Feuerbach: Senses, Sympathy, Omniscience, and Secularism," ELH 84.2 (Summer 2017): 475–502.

"Experiencing History and Encountering Fiction in Vanity Fair," Victorian Studies 58.3 (Spring 2016): 412–35.

"Writing the Rhythms of the Womb: Alice Meynell's Poetics of Pregnancy," Modern Philology 112.1 (August 2014): 226–48.

Selected Awards/Fellowships

UVA Information Literacy Grant, 2017


Selected Publications

"The Most Important Project of Our Time!: Hyperbole as a Discourse Feature of Student Writing," College Composition and Communication, 67.1 (September 2015): 64-86.

"Seeing is Believing: Re-presentation, Cognition, and Transfer in Writing Classes.” Contemporary Perspectives: On Writing and Cognition, Eds. Duane Roen, J. Michael Rifenburg, and Patricia Portanova, WAC Clearinghouse. 2017.

Recent Presentations



Selected Publications:

“Licentious Rhymers: John Donne and the Late-Elizabethan Couplet Revival.” English Literary History 84.2 (Fall 2017): 529-558.

“Making Order in John Davies’s Orchestra.” Modern Philology 114.2 (November 2016): 243–63.

“‘Alle in generalle and nothing in specialle’: General and Special in Julian of Norwich’s Revelation of Love.” Journal of English and Germanic Philology 115.1     (January 2016): 79–94.



Works in Progress

Bricolage Propriety: The Queer Practice of Black Uplift, 1890–1905 (book manuscript)


“‘The Other Side Is Opening Now’: Perfume Genius and the Multitudinous Touch of Wildness.” Journal of Popular Music Studies 28.1 (2016): 51-74.


Recent Articles


Selected Publications:

  • “What It Means to Have a Voice.” Chronicle of Higher Education, 22 Sept. 2017, p. B26.

  • “Art and Its Others 2: Advertisement and the Little Magazines.” The Cambridge History of Modernism, ed. Vincent Sherry. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2016. 422-441. (Invited contribution)

Casteen IV




Anthology Inclusions

  • Monticello in Mind: 50 Contemporary Poets on Jefferson, ed. Lisa Russ Spaar, University of Virginia Press, 2016


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