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  1. Charlottesville Symphony- Masterworks 2

    / UVA Students can reserve 1 Free ticket Tickets The Charlottesville Symphony at the University ... on the Grounds of the University of Virginia and Sunday, November 19, 3:30pm, at Charlottesville High School’s ... On the Town which tells the story of three sailors on 24-hour leave in New York City; The Testament of Freedom ...

    Madison Karten - 11/17/2017 - 15:02

  2. UVA Unionists (Part 2)

    That February, he presided over a political meeting in Jefferson City that declared its support ... of the Missouri State Convention Held at Jefferson City and St. Louis, March 1861 (St. Louis: George Knapp & ... of the Senate of the State of Missouri (Jefferson City: J.P. Ament, 1863), 294; James O. Broadhead, Carlos S. ...

    William Kurtz - 09/19/2017 - 09:39

  3. Douglass

    become more local and more personal. I am in the process of writing a book on Thomas Jefferson ... and local identities as made manifest through patron saint festivals, the main context for bullfights ... and other taurine spectacles. Spain has a long history of center-periphery tension. Although it has existed ...

    artsci - 08/17/2016 - 15:15

  4. 2010- Soundscapes in Jefferson's America symposium

    event. For the 2012 SOUNDSCAPES IN JEFFERSON'S AMERICA CONFERENCE ON 3/30/12- 3/31/12 please visit: ... www.virginia.edu/music/jeffersonsoundscapes Soundscapes in Jefferson’s America explores the musical world of Thomas Jefferson. Scholars, ... and patriotic sounds that echoed through Jefferson’s America. Catalogue of Monticello Music Collection • Ballad ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 10/10/2017 - 14:27

  5. Liberation and Freedom Day in UVAToday

    Friday, March 3, 2017 On the afternoon of March 3, 2017, the University and City ... of Charlottesville celebrated the first annual "Liberation and Freedom Day" commemorating the Union ... Sheridan entered Charlottesville on March 3, during which time many of the county's enslaved residents ...

    William Kurtz - 03/06/2017 - 09:59

  6. "In the Aftermath of Charlottesville"

    recounting the tragic events that occurred in Charlottesville on August 11th and 12th.  Musicology Now  is ... 8th. Click here to read "In the Aftermath of Charlottesville" by Bonnie Gordon.  Bonnie ... for asking several questions about the interrelated histories of music, technology, sound, and the limits ...

    Ryan Lerner - 09/15/2017 - 14:21

  7. Newsletter

    The MESALC Newsletter In this issue: Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates: The Many Meanings ... Al-Haddad: MESALC Graduate to Study Ottoman History at University of Chicago Global Currents in Place: ... in the Middle East & South Asia DOWNLOAD THIS ISSUE Spring 2017 In this issue: Thomas Jefferson Peace ...

    artsci - 05/22/2017 - 09:32

  8. Rome

    and raiding the larder: a journal at the junction of art and food. She earned a Master's degree ... in composition from Mills College in 2013 and a Bachelor's degree in horn performance from the City ... is a Jefferson Scholar Fellow.   rdt2nf ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 09/21/2017 - 10:00

  9. Company Member Profile- Hannah Bergere

    for stage management, and the rest is history! 3) What is your favorite play or musical? Next to Normal. ... exploring, especially finding all the great places to eat! 5) What is your favorite non-theatre related activity? ... a series... it would definitely be Harry Potter.-Movie- Forrest Gump-TV show- Gilmore Girls-Two food items- ...

    Judy McPeak - 07/07/2017 - 15:27

  10. 2013 Fall Courses

    history. RELC 5006 Augustine's City of God  Mathewes, Charles T Combining lecture and discussion, ... of African religious history, and to understand Africa's place in the larger course of Christian ... history. Buddhism RELB 2054 Tibetan Buddhism Introduction  DiZinno, Dominic Joseph (This description ...

    edb9d - 08/30/2016 - 15:34