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  1. Envisioning 21st Century Middle East & South Asian Studies

    Friday, Apr 06, 2018- 9:00 am to Saturday, Apr 07, 2018- 5:00 pm ...

    manager - 10/13/2017 - 11:16

  2. Wellmon

    with Brad Pasanek,  The Eighteenth Centuries, ed. David Gies and Cynthia Wall, forthcoming (University ... of Virginia Press). “The Enlightenment Index,” with Brad Pasanek, forthcoming  Eighteenth Century Theory ... Goethe Yearbook  17 (2010): 153-177. “Kant and the Feelings of Reason,”  Eighteenth-Century Studies  42:4 ...

    manager - 12/18/2015 - 11:17

  3. Graduate Courses- Spring 2015

    – 6:00 (Ferguson) FREN 5540/8540: Topics in 18th-Century Literature:  The Human Body in the Eighteenth ... Century This course will examine how thinkers of eighteenth-century France conceived of the human body ... and a number of eighteenth-century scientists. We will also consider scientific treatises from Antiquity ...

    kah6f - 03/29/2016 - 09:01

  4. Tsien

    Voltaire and satire Eighteenth-Century Aesthetics Colonial Louisiana Books: The Bad Taste of Others: ... Judging Literary Value in Eighteenth-Century France (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011) Voltaire ...

    artsci - 08/20/2015 - 16:37

  5. Course Directory

    cover the flowering of medieval Ethiopian Christianity, 16th- and 17th- century Kongolese Christianity, ... with the introduction of Islam to North Africa in the 7th century.  We will trace the transmission of Islam via traders ... Christian missions in Africa in the 21st Century.  Through a variety of disciplinary lenses, we examine ...

    artsci - 09/06/2016 - 09:43

  6. Fall 2015 Undergraduate Courses

    and the passage of books across national boundaries and centuries. R 3:30 – 6:00 (McGrady) FREN 5560/8560 – Topics ... in Nineteenth-Century: The Smelly Nineteenth Century   In nineteenth-century France, doctors, public officials and health ... turning to poetic devices such as metaphor and simile. To write about scent is to join a mode ...

    artsci - 03/18/2016 - 13:23

  7. Halliday

    and the interaction of manuscript, print, and aural forms of knowledge in the eighteenth century. I am especially ... prisoners of war in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.   "Authority in the Archives," ... to 1688 HIEU 3291: Seventeenth-Century Britain: Politics in Thought and Action HIEU 3471: History ...

    Carey Carothers - 01/05/2016 - 13:37

  8. Kachru

    to Become a Likeness of Oneself? Gestures of Light, Motion and Mind at the Surfaces of Representation.” ... of particular interest to me include the philosophy of mind, action and philosophical anthropology. I believe ... and a course on Nirvana as concept and metaphor. In addition to offering regular courses on Indian Buddhist ...

    William McGrath - 03/05/2017 - 22:40

  9. Woodson Fellows Alumni

    "Mind, Soul, Body, and Race: Black Women’s Purposeful Exercise, 1900-1939" 2013-2015 Nicole Burrowes ... Jones, Black Diasporic Art Practice, and Africa in the 20th Century" 2010-2012 Tshepo Monongwa Chéry ... Voices: New Stories and Insights from the Nineteenth Century Slave Trade” Current Affiliation: Department ...

    artsci - 08/02/2016 - 11:27

  10. Mueller

    Music and the Moving Image, the American Society of Eighteenth Century Studies, The Mozart Society ... opera and culture in the Long Nineteenth Century—with a particular focus on the works of Mozart ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 06/22/2016 - 15:43