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  1. "Civil War Lives," 2018 Signature Conference

    Our 2017-2018 Nau Center Signature Conference, "Civil War Lives," will be held ... University, "Frederick Douglass: His 'Mission of the War' and Transformed Life." ...

    William Kurtz - 01/16/2018 - 15:28

  2. General Education Curricular Reform: The Forums

    and theory behind understanding how humans impact the environment. Courses will focus on the past, ... to a single employer, restricted to our town of birth, or chained to a spouse regardless of how we were ... and research. The capstone experience will conclude with students presenting their final project. The five fora ...

    Rachel Most - 04/20/2016 - 15:10

  3. Testimonials

    What Our Students Think Current Students Rebekah Slodounik, entered in 2009- "Since the very ... of Virginia is getting to teach and interact with my students. I love how bright and motivated ... literature, and intellectual history. I like the intimate feel of our small department and the fact that I can ...

    bae3y - 08/08/2016 - 09:48

  4. Undergraduate Course Descriptions

    experience. As a result, our understanding of America’s military conflicts has been heavily shaped by the way war ... Nature: The Environment on Film (3 credits) This course explores how our imagination of nature has shaped ... of ourselves and of the world around us.  This course provides a foundation for helping you to understand how ...

    artsci - 11/07/2017 - 10:28

  5. Legislative Career

    when the Revolutionary War had reached its nadir, to December 1783, soon after its triumphant ... in which for purposes of representation five slaves would be equivalent to three free persons--the ... Confederation continued to lose power and prestige in the wake of the war's end. Religious Freedom Before ...

    artsci - 07/15/2016 - 16:52

  6. Shenandoah at War (Part 1)

    Signature Conference for 2017 will focus on the Shenandoah Valley’s role in the Civil War. Lecturers will ... examine various facets of the overall topic, including military operations, civilian experiences, how ... events in the Valley resonated in the United States and the Confederacy, and how the Valley figured ...

    William Kurtz - 06/15/2017 - 15:38

  7. COLA 1500 Classes

    of spirituality and religion in our current global age. Understanding the Early Nineteenth Century through George ... Given that our galaxy is 13 billion years old, some of these civilizations should have been able ... Bang” to the present. Our goal will be to understand, in a very basic way, what science can tell us ...

    Carey Carothers - 07/18/2017 - 15:01

  8. Announcing Our 2018 Library Fellows

    of war-related mental illness on Civil War veterans. The Nau Center would like to thank all of our applicants ... short-term research fellowships for 2018. Our award winners will each conduct several weeks of research ... the University of North Carolina will use our collections to further her research into the experience of United ...

    William Kurtz - 12/18/2017 - 12:28

  9. Black Virginians at Sea

    during the Civil War, over 2,800 were born in Virginia, the most from any state. While most of the men ... in our Black Virginians in Blue project were soldiers in the USCT, six served as sailors aboard five ... our Albemarle sailors, the Navy gave five the entering rating of landsmen, which provides insight ...

    William Kurtz - 06/19/2017 - 13:43

  10. Current and Future AMST Courses

    to the Civil War. While the course centers on the visual arts—architecture, material culture, decorative arts, ... will examine both how US-American identity shapes Latina/o notions and constructions of race and how ... Birth of a Nation  (1915), presents a historical drama of the Civil War, celebrates the rise of the Klu ...

    artsci - 10/21/2016 - 19:09