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  1. Undergraduate Courses 2010-2011

    The course is conducted in French. FREN 3032- The Writing and Reading of Texts (Staff) Prerequisite: French ... students will read literary texts from a variety of periods; they will learn to identify the elements ... that authors use to construct these texts; and they will learn the technical terms used to analyze poetry, ...

    artsci - 03/18/2016 - 13:26

  2. Archived Graduate Courses Offerings- 2015-2016

    and the role of cultural memory in shaping the French medieval canon. Primary texts will include the Roman de ... level courses with instructor permission.   FREN 5100/8510 – Medieval Literature in Modern French I: ... Poetry in Motion:                                   Circulation of Medieval Poetry What happens ...

    kah6f - 03/29/2016 - 08:56

  3. Guibal

    de Napoléon  and  Mémoires sur Napoléon – Biography, autobiography and life narratives – Vie de Henry ... it is worth considering them together, as a network of texts connected by the common thread of life stories. ... autobiographies, historical and philosophical treatises, etc., I wish not only to uncover what the word « Vie » ...

    cmb7y - 10/16/2015 - 09:39

  4. Hermes

    Publications         Books The [European] Other in Medieval Arabic Literature and Culture, ... “Classical and Medieval Arabic Literary Delights: Towards Teaching the Humanistic Literature ... of the Arabs." Arabic Literature for the Classroom: Teaching Methods, Theories, Themes and Texts.Ed. Mushin ...

    manager - 01/02/2018 - 09:16

  5. NEW MESALC COURSES- Spring 2018

    and novels. Topics include autobiography, war and nation construction, fantasy, and political and sexual ... and lean to analyze texts using critical analysis and specific theoretical terminology.     ARTR: Modern ... of pioneering women in contemporary Iran. Through a variety of texts, it explores their multifaceted ...

    manager - 01/16/2018 - 12:38

  6. Cheney

    Evan egc4wz@virginia.edu egc4wz BA- Franklin and Marshall MA- Delaware Graduate Student Medieval ...

    Carl Stukenborg - 03/21/2016 - 14:42

  7. Sorber

    Drew ahs7gb Early Medieval and Late Antique Europe; Religious, Cultural and Intellectual history; ...

    Carey Carothers - 08/17/2015 - 17:03

  8. Wilken

    Robert L. Professor Emeritus rlw2w Early and medieval Christian history and thought Faculty ...

    Carey Carothers - 11/12/2015 - 20:24

  9. CPLT 3750

    Women, Childhood, Autobiography 3 Cross-cultural readings in women’s childhood narratives. ...

    Manager - 07/27/2015 - 14:25

  10. Archived Graduate Courses, 2011-2012

    5100/8510 is to introduce students to the vibrant field of Medieval Studies and to some of the French texts ... a diverse array of approaches to reading medieval texts. Topics will include authorship, material culture, ... technologies reinterpret our relationship with texts. Our study will be bound to the writings of late-medieval ...

    cmb7y - 03/29/2016 - 09:02