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  1. Books

    to the state-of-the-art fluorescence microscopy techniques used in biological and clinical imaging. It explains basic ... describe the approaches to selecting epifluorescence microscopy, the detectors, and the image acquisition ... used for molecular imaging under physiological conditions. Scientists and clinicians use ...

    keckcenter - 10/20/2017 - 15:32

  2. Linguistic Anthropology Seminar-- Spring 2017

    Linguistic and Cultural Approach to Epistemicity among the Yucatec Mayas (Mexico)" According to Grice ... in understanding not only the function of the evidential particle in Yucatec Maya but also its use and moreover, ...

    Lise Dobrin - 09/08/2017 - 13:31

  3. Summer Courses

    Appalachians will be used to explore the world of plants. We will visit unique mountain habitats to study ... population, species, family, habitat) and the methods used to achieve conservation goals.   FIELD ... answer " Yes " to the animal handling question.   SCIENCE WRITING: Creative Approaches ...

    artsci - 04/14/2016 - 11:05

  4. A Handbook of Tasks and Rubrics for Teaching Mandarin Chinese

    Tseng Buy on Amazon A task-based approach combining theory and practice. Phoenix Tree Publishing ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 10/05/2017 - 12:46

  5. Instruments / Equipment

    number of pianos and orchestral instruments. The use of University-owned equipment is regulated by UVA’s ... that are borrowed by a faculty member or student for ongoing use within OCH (i.e. that will be stored ... Form and User Agreement for Use in Old Cabell Hall For Music Department Students and Faculty ...

    tina.r.knight - 06/01/2017 - 15:27

  6. Performance

    weekend concerts are sometimes in the afternoon, starting at 3:30 pm. The Music Department sometimes uses ... appendix). Scheduling and Room Use Rehearsal Schedule and Scheduling Extra Rehearsals Room scheduling ... Department’s web page (http://music.virginia.edu/courses). An additional page that is of use is the UVA Class ...

    tina.r.knight - 06/01/2017 - 11:04

  7. B.A. in Music

    and comparative studies, theory and analysis, composition, and development of skills in musicianship ... requirements. Note that a student may not use the same course to satisfy more than one requirement. For example, ... a student may use MUSI 4710 (Instrumental Conducting) to satisfy either an elective requirement ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 09/25/2017 - 15:36

  8. Cady Garey teaches improv to commerce students

    Funny Business: Using Improv to Educate Ethical Business Leaders November 30, 2015  by Caroline ... according to Cady Garey, a University of Virginia drama professor who is using improv techniques to prepare ...

    Judith McPeak - 02/08/2016 - 12:14

  9. Colloquium by Sumanth Gopinath (CCS):

    Old Cabell Hall. Sumanth Gopinath is Associate Professor of Music Theory at the University ... performance of the song at the Pitchfork Festival in July. A comparison of the cover and the original ... Using Low’s music as a case study, this talk examines the ways in which musical minimalism has informed ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 10/10/2017 - 14:28

  10. Nature of Bioethics

    for the disabled in our community? How can we use human subjects in biomedical research without dehumanizing them? ... clinical ethicist has no doubt read a good deal of moral theory in the course of her academic training, ... and although her approach to clinical problem solving might well exhibit some dependency on the skills ...

    artsci - 10/18/2017 - 10:32