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  1. Undergraduate Courses

    and the make-up of the class will be ultimately determined. In Fretboard Harmony a theory-based approach will ... This is a hands on drumming/percussion class using congas, djembes, claves, shakers, etc. This class is designed ... to read music and some familiarity with the basics of music theory. An individual interview/audition ...

    trk4n - 01/08/2016 - 10:42

  2. Confocal FRET Microscopy

    Confocal Theory Confocal Microscopy is rapidly gaining acceptance as an important technology owing ... of time (~10 sec) to acquire a single image. Thus the SSCM can be used satisfactorily for fixed specimens ... Confocal Microscopy (LSCM) Many investigators designed confocal microscopes for use with live specimens ...

    keckcenter - 10/20/2017 - 18:55

  3. 2016-2017 Linguistics Courses

    In this course we take an interdisciplinary approach to the investigation of how language both shapes ... and socio-cultural theories to examine this dynamic relationship, our examples are pulled from Twitter, Facebook, ... discuss the global trend of shift from the use of minority languages to large languages of wider ...

    manager - 03/15/2017 - 09:18

  4. Beutin

    U.S. policy, philanthropic, museological, and humanitarian spheres. I use a media ethnographic approach ... and abolition are used in presidential speech, news reporting, NGO promotional materials, and museum exhibitions ... comparison and is motivated by the question: What is at stake in how, and by whom, the “afterlife of slavery” ...

    dab8s - 08/26/2016 - 10:59

  5. Status and Sacredness: A General Theory of Status Relations and an Analysis of Indian Culture

    Status and Sacredness: A General Theory of Status Relations and an Analysis of Indian Culture, New ... and depth of a masterwork. The book bears favorable comparison with Louis Dumont's Homo Hierarchicus, ... the modern classic on this topic. It is likewise an important work of general theory, examining India ...

    master - 01/25/2014 - 15:20

  6. 2017-2018 Linguistics Courses

    used in educational research, with a particular focus on micro-ethnographic approaches. Fieldwork ... of similarities and differences shared by languages and presents three different ways that linguists use ... diversity due to the global trend of shift from the use of minority languages to large languages of wider ...

    manager - 12/21/2017 - 00:07

  7. Linguistic Anthropology Seminar-- Fall 2008

    Position A is at best an analysis of the  messages  that linguistic forms may be used to communicate. My ... of PUT/KEEP in Northeast, Central and South Asian languages" (Pardeshi abstract) and 2. "Using ... University of Virginia "What the Multilingual Community Contributes to a Theory of 'Speech ...

    Ashley Williams - 11/22/2016 - 13:14

  8. Current and Future AMST Courses

    investigates how we can use digital tools and methods for the study of American culture and history. ... As such it is a course in applied American Studies, and emphasizes critical and theoretical approaches through praxis: ... to material culture, literature, and musicology. AMST 3001 -  Theories and Methods of American Studies    TR ...

    artsci - 10/21/2016 - 19:09

  9. Horia Cornean (Aalborg University): Wannier functions, Bloch bundles and topological degree theory, part I

    the 'adiabatic' parallel transport and use it to construct locally smooth orthonormal bases of the tangent bundle ... The methods used here are quite simple but very useful for understanding the nature of various topological ...

    Allison Boese - 05/31/2016 - 15:15

  10. Linguistic Anthropology Seminar-- Fall 2013

    of Witswatersrand) "A Multimodal Comparison of Zulu, Sotho, and French Oral Narratives" Oral narratives ... in face-to-face interaction include the use of both auditory (linguistic and prosodic) and visual (gesture) ... and children increase their frequency of co-speech gesture use to represent the narrated events and characters, ...

    Ashley Williams - 03/16/2016 - 09:29