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  1. Jazz Ensemble presents Play On Words! Jazz, Song, & Poetry

    of trumpeter John D’earth, presents its first concert of the new year: Play On Words! Jazz, Song, and Poetry.  ... and music, the musical quality of song lyrics, and the ability of music to deepen our experience of a story ... Jazz, Song, and Poetry are $10, $5 for students and free for UVa Students who purchase 24 hours ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 10/10/2017 - 14:27

  2. Announcing Songs of the Victorians

    On Monday, March 11, English PhD student Joanna Swafford will launch the pre-release of Songs ... of the Victorians, an archive of parlor and art song settings of Victorian poems, and also a scholarly tool ... to facilitate interdisciplinary music and poetry scholarship. It will ultimately contain four songs: Michael ...

    manager - 03/07/2013 - 15:27

  3. Judith Cohen: Traditional Sephardic Songs, and

    Songs of the Portuguese Converso Regions March 2, 2014- 4:00pm Brooks Hall Free Dr. Judith Choen ... Morrocan Sephardic songs to a small town whose longtime Jewsih presence is now only a memory. On Monday ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 10/10/2017 - 14:28

  4. 卷 第 二 Chapter Two 九 歌 Jiu Ge 'Nine Songs'

    卷 第 二 Chapter Two     九 歌 Jiu Ge   'Nine Songs ...

    cdc9y - 03/27/2013 - 13:36

  5. Workshop in Yiddish Song with Sasha Lurje and Ilya Shneyveys

    for a residency from April 10-14, 2015. Highlights of the residency will include a public klezmer and Yiddish song ... was in residency at UVA in spring 2015, in developing an “interlingual” love song duo program, “STRANGELOVESONGS” ... and Yiddish folk song to fusion and experimental projects. Ilya is the artistic director and a founding member ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 10/10/2017 - 14:24

  6. Watson Chapter 3: 古歌謠﹐ 賦﹐ 樂府 Early Songs, Poems in Rhyme-Prose Form, Yueh-fu Ballads

    Chapter 3 古 歌 謠 ﹐ 賦 ﹐ 樂 府 Early Songs, Poems in Rhyme-Prose Form, Yueh-fu Ballads     p. 70 ... 無 名 氏 Anonymous   擊 壤 歌 ji2 rang3 ge1 Ground-Thumping Song   日 出 而 作 ri4 chu1 er2 zuo4 日 入 而 息 ri4 ru4 er2 xi2 ... feng1 ci2 Song of the Autumn Wind   秋 風 起 兮 白 雲 飛 qiu1 feng1 qi3 xi1 bai2 yun2 fei1 草 木 黃 落 兮 雁 南 歸 cao3 ...

    cdc9y - 03/25/2013 - 16:22

  7. "Pigs for Dance Songs":

    In R. Darnell and F. Gleach, eds. Histories of Anthropology Annual Volume 2, pp. 123-154. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press. (with Ira Bashkow) Dobrin Reo Fortune's Empathetic Ethnography of the Arapesh Roads 2006 ...

    manager - 08/10/2015 - 14:36

  8. Song

    PhD Edward 2 005 The Bounds of Justice: Rawls on Global Justice and International Obligation A. John Simmons ...

    manager - 12/15/2015 - 12:18

  9. The Oratorio Society of Virginia presents Together in Song, Fauré Requiem

    **An Affiliated Event March 19, 2016- 4:00pm First Presbyterian Church Tickets Please join the Oratorio Society of Virginia in Downtown Charlottesville for a community sing-in performance of Gabriel Fauré's Requiem. If you are a community singer and ...

    Ryan Lerner - 02/25/2016 - 13:05

  10. Virginia Glee Club presents Brotherhood in Song

    ** An Affiliated Event March 21, 2015- 8:00pm St. Thomas Aquinas Church Free The Virginia Glee Club is pleased to host the University of Pennsylvania Glee Club in Charlottesville this spring for a collaborative concert at St. Thomas Aquinas Church, featur ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 10/10/2017 - 14:24