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Faculty Publications

Johns Hopkins University Press (2008)
The Project of Prose in Early Modern Europe and the New World by Elizabeth Fowle
ed., with Roland Greene, Cambridge University Press, 1997, rpt. (2007)
Imagining Our Americas by Sandhya Shukla
Durham and London: Duke University Press (2007)
The Aesthetics of Antichrist by John Parker
(Ithaca: Cornell University Press) (2007)
Writing Deafness by Christopher Krentz
University of North Carolina Press (2007)
Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin Edited by Stephen Railton
Bedford St. Martin's (2007)
New Grub Street Edited by Stephen Arata
Broadview Press (2007)
Robert Browning's Poetry by Andrew Stauffer

W.W. Norton (2007)
Neomedievalism, Neoconservatism, and the War on Terror by Bruce Holsinger
Prickly Paradigm Press: Chicago (2007)
Bloomsbury Publishing (2007)

Marshall Cavendish (2007)
Asphodel Press (2007)
Best Little Stories from the Blue and the Gray by Charles Kelly
Cumberland House Publishing, Nashville, TN (2006)
She: A History of Adventure Edited by Andrew Stauffer
Broadview Press (2006)
The Prose of Things by Cynthia Wall
University of Chicago Press (2006)
Middlemarch by Karen Chase
Cambridge (2006)