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Faculty Publications

We Must Make a Kingdom of it  by Gregory Orr

Wesleyan University Press (1986)
Emerson and His Legacy by Gregory Orr

Southern Illinois University Press (1986)
The Correspondence of James Boswell with David Garrick, Edmund Burke, and Edmond
London: Heinemann (1986)

Carnegie-Mellon University Press (1986)

Yale University Press (1986)
Ben Jonson and the Roman Frame of Mind by Katharine Maus
Princeton University Press (1985)

Yale University Press (1985)
Medieval to Renaissance in English Poetry by A. C. Spearing
Cambridge University Press (1985)
Renaissance Tragedy and the Senecan Tradition by Gordon Braden

Yale University Press (1985)

Callaloo Fiction Series (1985)
Eros and Psych by Karen Chase
Routledge (1984)
Creature and creator, Myth-Making ad English Romanticism by Paul Cantor
Cambridge University Press (1984)
Cellar by Lisa Russ Spaar
Alderman Press (1983)
Museum by Rita Dove

Carnegie-Mellon University Press (1983)
The Romantic Ideology: A Critical Investigation by Jerome McGann
University of Chicago Press (1983)

Poetry East (1981)