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Faculty Publications

An American Romance by John Casey

Avon Books (1990)
In a Father's Place by Christopher Tilghman
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (1990)
Yeats and the Poetry of Death by Jahan Ramazani

Yale University Press (1990)
Before Novels by J. Paul Hunter
W. W. Norton & Co. (1990)
Rhetorical Thought in John Henry Newman
University of South Carolina Press (1989)

Trilobite Chapbooks of the University of Northern Texas Press (1989)
The Contours of Masculine Desire by Marlon Ross

Oxford University Press (1989)
Towards a Literature of Knowledge by Jerome McGann

Oxford University Press and University of Chicago Press (1989)
Beyond Feminist Aesthetics by Rita Felski
Harvard University Press (1989)
Grace Notes by Rita Dove
W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. (1989)
The Beauty of Inflections by Jerome McGann
Clarendon Press (1988)
Social Values and Poetic Acts by Jerome McGann
Harvard University Press (1988)
Where Angels Fear to Tread: Descriptive Bibliography by David Vander Meulen
Library of Congress (1988)
Tennyson and the Doom of Romanticism by Herbert Tucker
Harvard University Press (1988)
Readings in Medieval Poetry by A. C. Spearing
Cambridge University Press (1987)
A Genealogy of Modernism by Michael Levenson
Cambridge University Press (1986)