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Faculty Publications

Selected Poems by Rita Dove
Pantheon/Vintage (1993)
The Medieval Poet as Voyeur by A. C. Spearing
Cambridge University Press (1993)
Samuel Johnson’s Translation of Sallust by David Vander Meulen
With G. Thomas Tanselle (The Johnsonians and Bibliographical Society of UVA) (1993)
Unbecoming Women: British Women Writers and the Novel of Development
Columbia UP (1993)
A Critique of Modern Textual Criticism by Jerome McGann
University of Virginia Press (1992)
Trhough the Ivory Gate by Rita Dove
Pantheon Books (1992)
Strategies of Poetic Narrative: Chaucer, Spenser, Milton, Eliot by Clare Kinney
Cambridge University Press (1992)
Greatness Engendered by Alison Booth
Cornell University Press (1992)
The Textual Condition by Jerome McGann
Princeton University Press (1991)
Authorship and Audience by Stephen Railton
Princeton University Press (1991)
Macbeth und die Evangelisierung von Schottland by Paul Cantor
Siemens Foundation (1991)
Cambridge University Press (1991)
The Idea of the Renaissance by Gordon Braden

The Johns Hopkins University Press (1991)
A Quarter Turn by Debra Nystrom
Sheep Meadow Press (1991)
Pope’s DUNCIAD of 1728:  A History and Facsimile by David Vander Meulen
(Bibliographical Society of UVA and The New York Public Library) (1991)
Towards Reading Freud by Mark Edmundson
Princeton University Press (1990)