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Faculty Publications

ed. with Daniel Riess. Peterborough: Broadview Press (1997)
Rhetoric and Hermeneutics in Our Time by Walter Jost
Yale University Press (1997)
MOSQUITOES [by William Faulkner]: A Facsimile and Transcription of the Universit
With Thomas L. McHaney (Bibliographical Society of UVA and University of Virginia Library) (1997)
University of California Press (1996)
Mason's Retreat by Christopher Tilghman
Random House (1996)
Joyce and the Subject of History by Victor Luftig
University of Michigan Press (1996)

Stratford, Ontario: Pasdeloup Press (1996)
Fictions of Loss in the Victorian Fin de Siècle by Stephen Arata
Cambridge University Press (1996)
Supper at the Black Pearl by John Casey
Lord John Press (1995)
Inwardness and Theater in the English Renaissance by Katharine Maus
University of Chicago Press (1995)
Four Revenge Tragedies of the English Renaissance by Katharine Maus
Oxford University Press (1995)
The Gender of Modernity by Rita Felski
Harvard University Press (1995)
City of Salt by Gregory Orr
University of Pittsburgh (1995)
The Poet's World by Rita Dove

Library of Congress (1995)
"The Changing Same" by Deborah E. McDowell
Indiana University Press (1995)
Literature Against Philosophy, Plato to Derrida by Mark Edmundson
Cambridge University Press (1995)