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Faculty Publications

University of Pittsburgh Press (2012)
Mason's Retreat: Newly Revised Edition by Christopher Tilghman

Picador (2012)
The Norton Anthology of English Literature edited by Katharine Maus et al.
New York; W. W. Norton (2012)
The Right-Hand Shore by Christopher Tilghman

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2012)
Poetry and Poetics by Stephen Cushman
Princeton University Press (2012)

Duke University Press (2012)
Medieval Autographies by A. C. Spearing
University of Notre Dame Press (2012)
Vanitas, Rough: Poems by Lisa Russ Spaar
Persea Books (2012)

Ashgate (2012)

ed. with J. Gerald Kennedy. Baton Rouge: LSU Press (2012)
Introduction to English by Peter Baker
Wiley-Blackwell (2012)

Tuscon: Chax Press (2012)
The City of Poetry by Gregory Orr
Sarabande Books (2012)

W. W. Norton & Co. (2012)

Princeton University Press (2012)
The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture by Paul Cantor
The University Press of Kentucky (2012)