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Faculty Publications

Change Me by Jane Alison
Oxford University Press (2014)

Penguin Press (2014)

Louisiana State University Press (2014)

W. W. Norton & Co. (2014)
A New Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture by Herbert Tucker
Wiley-Blackwell (2014)
Drunken Boat Media (2013)
Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press (2013)
Woodbridge, Sussex: D.S. Brewer (2013)

Bloomsbury Publishing (2013)
Penguin (2013)

University of Chicago Press (2013)
Mason's Retreat: Newly Revised Edition by Christopher Tilghman

Picador (2012)
The Oriental Obscene by Sylvia Chong

Duke University Press (2012)
V-Squad by Pamela Marcantel
CreateSpace (2012)
The City of Poetry by Gregory Orr
Sarabande Books (2012)