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Faculty Publications

Literature and the Economics of Liberty by Paul Cantor
Ludwig von Mises Institute (2009)

(a facsimile edition with associated materials), ed. Houston: Rice University Press (2009)
A Transnational Poetics by Jahan Ramazani
Chicago: University of Chicago Press (2009)
Sonata Mulattica by Rita Dove
W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. (2009)
The Pilgrim's Progress Edited by Cynthia Wall
W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. (2008)
Graywolf Press (2008)
The Death of Sigmund Freud by Mark Edmundson
Bloomsbury Publishing (2008)
Satin Cash: Poems by Lisa Russ Spaar
Persea Books (2008)
Uses of Literature by Rita Felski
Wiley-Blackwell (2008)
Embodying American Slavery in Contemporary Culture by Lisa Woolfork
University of Illinois Press (2008)
All That Mighty Heart: London Poems by Lisa Russ Spaar
University of Virginia Press (2008)
Epic: Britain's Heroic Muse 1790-1910 by Herbert Tucker
Oxford (2008)
Johns Hopkins University Press (2008)
Rethinking Tragedy by Rita Felski
Johns Hopkins University Press (2008)
What Should I Read Next? Edited by Jessica Feldman and Robert Stilling
University of Virginia Press (2008)
W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. (2008)