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Stephen Hequembourg


203 Dawson's Row

Office Hours:

T/Th  2:15-3:15

Class Schedule:

T/Th 12:30 - 1:45
T/Th 3:30 - 4:45
T/Th 5:00 - 6:15


My current book project focuses on the literature of early modern materialism, and includes chapters on Descartes, Hobbes, Milton, Andrew Marvell, and Margaret Cavendish.  I am specifically interested in the literary aspects of early modern philosophy and science, and the ways in which they make use of plot structure, genre, metaphor and metonymy.


Renaissance Literature and Science, Academic Writing


  • "Literally: How to Speak Like an Absolute Knave" (PMLA, 2018)
  • “The Poetics of Materialism” (SEL 2014).
  • “Milton’s ‘Unoriginal’ Voice: Quotation Marks in Paradise Lost” (Modern Philology 2014)
  • “The Dream of a Literal World: Wilkins, Hobbes, Marvell” (ELH 2014)
  • “Hobbes’s Leviathan: A Tale of Two Bodies” (The Seventeenth Century 2013)
  • “Monism and Metaphor in Paradise Lost” (Milton Studies 2011)
  • “Marvell’s Pronouns and the Ethics of Representation” (Medieval and Early Modern Authorship 2011)