1. University of Virginia
  2. Arts & Sciences

Patricia Suzanne Sullivan

Assistant Professor, General Faculty

408 Bryan Hall

Office Hours:

M 3:20-5:20
W 12:00-1:00
And by appointment, email: pss8m@virginia.edu

Class Schedule:

MWF 10:00-10:50
MWF 11:00-11:50
MW 2:00-3:15


Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, 2002

M.F.A University of Pittsburgh,1996

B.A. Southern Connecticut State University, 1993


Composition pedagogies and theories, writing and digital technologies, avant-garde aesthetics, classical rhetoric


Writing Center, Writing Program



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  • “Commonsense and Theory in the Teaching of Composition Teachers.” College Composition and Communication. (December 2008).
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Creative Writing

  • “Light Repeating or Illumination” (poem). Zone3 12.1 (Fall/Winter 1997): 51.  
  • “Waiting for Results” (poem). West Branch 39/40 (1997): 98.
  • “Notes for Future Tenants” (fiction). The Sun: A Magazine of Ideas 249 (September 1996): 33-37.
  • “New Haven Tsunami” (fiction). Slur 2.1 (1995): 37-40.

Select presentations

  • “Cybernetic Developmental Networks with Writing Teachers.” Developmental Networks for Novice College Writing Teachers. Charles Paine, Patricia Sullivan, and James Seitz. University of New Mexico Mentoring Conference. Albuquerque, NM. 2014.
  • “Programs, Systems, and Circles: Shared Writing Program Administration.” Countering Contingency Conference. Adjunct Faculty Association, United Steelworkers. Pittsburgh, PA. 2013.
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  • Learning Technology Incubator Grant, College of Arts and Sciences. University of Virginia. 2015.
  • College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Circle grant. Writing Program Teaching Network, a network of experienced and new teachers that I proposed, coordinated and supervised. Northeastern University. 2006.
  • Innovation in Education Award, Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence, University of Pittsburgh. “Integrating Oral and Writing Skills" project (with Dr. John Poulakos, Department of Communication). 2002.
  • Distinguished Teaching Award, Department of English. University of Pittsburgh. 2002.

Sample of graduate and undergraduate courses taught

  • Faculty Seminar: The Teaching of Writing, co-taught with Jim Seitz
  • Graduate courses: Writing Pedagogy; Seminar in Writing and the Teaching of Writing; Topics in Writing: Aesthetics, Politics and Pedagogies; Key Concepts in Rhetoric and Composition; Intro. to Rhetoric [Center for the Liberal Arts at UVA]
  • Undergraduate courses: Special Topics: Writing Digital Stories and Electronic Essays; Tutoring Peer Writers: Introduction to Academic Writing: Writing and Technology; The Writing Process; Junior/Senior Seminar: Rhetoric and Aesthetics: Studies in Fiction: Science Fiction; Introduction to Diverse Literatures of the U.S.; Literary and the Contemporary; The Uses of Literacy