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Gordon Braden



Ph.D. Yale, 1975
B.A. Rice, 1969




Petrarch's English Laurels, 1475-1700, with Jackson Campbell Boswell, Ashgate, 2012
The Idea of the Renaissance, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991

with William Kerrigan

Renaissance Tragedy and the Senecan Tradition, Yale University Press, 1985
The Classics and English Renaissance Poetry, Yale University Press, 1978

Recent Articles

  • "Hero and Leander in Bed (and the Morning After)," English Literary Renaissance (forthcoming)
  • "Fame, Eternity, and Shakespeare's Romans," in Shakespeare and Renaissance Ethics, ed. John Cox and Patrick Gray (Cambridge, forthcoming)
  • "Tragedy" in The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature, vol. 2, ed. Philip Hardie and Patrick Cheney, (forthcoming)
  • "Love Poems in Sequence: The Amores from Petrarch to Goethe" in Handbook to the Reception of Ovid, ed. Carole E. Newlands and John Miller (Wiley Blackwell, forthcoming)
  • “Classical Translation” in The Oxford Handbook of English Prose, 1500-1640, ed. Andrew Hadfield (2013)
  • “Shakespeare” in A Companon to Plutarch, ed. Mark Beck (Wiley Blackwell, forthcoming)
  • “Edward Fairfax and the Translation of Vernacular Epic” in Tudor Translation, ed. Fred Schurink (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011)
  • “Ovid’s Witchcraft” in Yale Classical Studies (Cambridge, 2012)
  • “Classical Love Elegy in the Renaissance (and After)” in The Oxford Handbook of the Elegy, ed. Karen Weisman (Oxford, 2010)
  • “Ovid and Shakespeare” in A Companion to Ovid, ed. Peter Knox (Wiley Blackwell, 2009)
  • Spartacus and the Second Part of the Soul” in The Philosophy of Stanley Kubrick, ed. Jerold J. Abrams (Kentucky 2007)
  • “Wyatt and Petrarch: Italian Fashion at the Court of Henry VIII,” Annali d’Italianistica (2004)

Awards and Prizes

  • Beta of Virginia Phi Beta Kappa Book Award (2001)
  • Roland H. Bainton Book Prize, with William Kerrigan (Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, 1990)
  • James Holly Hanford Award, with William Kerrigan (Milton Society of America, 1986)
  • NEH Fellow ship for Independent Research (1980)
  • Theron Rockwell Field Prize Yale, 1976)