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Professor Andy Stauffer featured on Diane Rehm Show

Click the link below to hear Professor Andy Stuaffer and other expert readers discuss A. S. Byatt's Possession on the Diane Rehm Show:


Professor Anna Brickhouse featured in UVA Today

June 8, 2012 — As the Spanish explored the New World, a ship stopped in the Chesapeake Bay in 1561 and picked up a Native American youth, whom they took back to Spain. Baptized Don Luis de Velasco, he became an educated translator. In 1570, he accompanied a group of Jesuit priests back to his homeland, where the Spanish established a settlement, Axacán.

When a supply ship visited about 18 months later, the Spaniards found the village deserted, save for one survivor, a Creole youth named Alonso, who said that Don Luis, as he was called by the Spaniards, had murdered the priests.


A character-driven vampire novel for grownups set during World War II. More Interview with the Vampire than Twilight. In fact, nothing like Twilight.
1943, the dark days of World War II.  A vengeance-driven American vampire with a tragic secret and his team of undead fighters are the only means of preventing a demonic Nazi's assassination of Winston Churchill before the D-Day invasion of France.


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