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An Army of Angels

The story is legend: the French peasant maid Joan of Arc successfully leads an army against the English and is burned at the stake before she turns twenty. Many have tried to re-create her life, but none have succeeded more brilliantly than Pamela Marcantel in this, her dazzling debut.

Here, in dramatic, richly imagined detail, is the full story of the peasant Jhanette, who, at the age of thirteen, is visited by St. Michel, and told she will be known to history at Jehanne the Maid, the girl who would save France from the English. Marcantel paints a fascinating portrait of medieval Europe--a world in which an illiterate girl, chosen by God, can lead an army and never turn back.

After more than five hundred years, Joan of Arc lives again in this hypnotic blend of history and storytelling.

A Novel of Joan of Arc
St. Martin's Press
Date Published: 
March, 1998
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