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Historical distribution requirement changes

Before AY 2015-16, the historical distribution requirement for the English major stipulated that all students take

  • two courses in literature originally published before 1800 (usually ENMD, ENRN, or ENEC), only one of which may be a course in Shakespeare

Any current English major who declared the major before August 2015 will see the old two-course “Pre-1800 Literature” requirement reflected in SIS, unless you request to have your academic requirements modified to reflect the new rule.

If you declared the major before August 2015, but you want to complete your distribution requirements under the new categories (one course in “Pre-1700 Literature” and one course in “1700-1900 Literature”), you must make that request of the DUS, in writing (e-mail is fine).

In your e-mail please note:

  • the semester you declared your major
  • the semester you anticipate graduating

Please also direct any other questions about this transition to the DUS.