1. University of Virginia
  2. Arts & Sciences

Area Program in Literary Prose Writing


Take 36 hours of courses.  These must include:

1.  Two out of three of the ENGL 3810, 3820, 3830 sequence courses

2.  One course in English literature published before 1800 at the 3000 level or higher

3.  One English literature seminar at the 4000 level or higher

4.  Four upper-level workshops that must included both fiction and nonfiction and could also, with approval, include poetry

5.  Two ENLP 4000-level seminars

6.  One upper-division course in a cognate field in another department approved by the APLP director

7.  One ENLP senior thesis course or one additional ENLP seminar/course in cognate field, as approved by the director.