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Checklist for MA-English

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Requirements for the MA in English

_____ Course Requirements (30 hours required for graduation: at least 9 graded courses plus the option of 1 billed and credited 3-unit Non-Topical Research [NTR] course, ENGL 8999)

Semester Course # Course Title

1. _____  ENCR 8100 Introduction to Literary Research (required)

2. _____  ENMD/RN ______________________________________ 1st period requirement

3. _____  ENEC/NC _______________________________________ 2nd period requirement

4. _____  ENCR___  _______________________________________ criticism or theory

5. _____  EN______  ___________________________________________

6. _____  EN______  ___________________________________________

7. _____  EN______  ___________________________________________

8. _____  EN______  ___________________________________________

9. _____  EN______  ___________________________________________

_____ Distribution Requirements --

2 courses in different areas of literature before 1800 // 1 course in Criticism or Theory

_____ Foreign Language Requirement: MA students are required to demonstrate reading proficiency in a foreign language relevant to their course of study. This is normally done by passing a translation exam given by the appropriate language department at the University. My language exam was in ____________________________ (language) and passed on ______________________________. Or students may fulfill the Masters proficiency requirement with undergraduate coursework previously taken: a grade of B or better in an intermediate or advanced course.  Check here if you have submitted the appropriate transcript and received approval from the Director of Graduate Studies to use an undergraduate course to satisfy this requirement. _________

_____ MA Final Exercise: Successful completion of one of the following three options (circle your option).

1) Write a critical thesis (for how these are arranged, see Enrollment Options)

2) Write a pedagogical thesis (for how these are arranged, see Enrollment Options)

3) Take a 1-hour oral examination on a topic and list of readings devised by the student and approved by the appropriate area committee chair and the Director of Graduate Studies*

*Students admitted for PhD study who have completed all other requirements may apply for conferral of the MA in English upon passing either of the PhD qualifying examinations (Period or Field); they are not required to take a separate MA oral exam.