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Checklist for PhD-English

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Requirements Checklist for the PhD in English



Course Requirements (72 hours required for Graduation: 14 graded courses plus 30 hours of Non-Topical Research ["NTR"] courses ENGL 9998 and 9999)
Semester Course # Course Title
1. ___________ ENCR 8100 Introduction to Literary Research (1st year, 1st sem.) (required)

2. ___________ ENMD/RN___________________________________________ 1st period requirement
3. ___________ ENEC/NC___________________________________________  2nd period requirement

4. ___________ ENCR______________________________________________ criticism or theory
5. ___________ Pedagogy Seminar (1st sem, 2nd yr.) (required)

6. ___________ EN_____________________________________________________________
7. ___________ EN_____________________________________________________________

8. ___________ EN_____________________________________________________________
9. ___________ EN_____________________________________________________________

10. __________ EN _____________________________________________________________
11. __________ EN _____________________________________________________________

12. __________ EN _____________________________________________________________
13. __________ EN _____________________________________________________________

14. __________ ENGL 9995 Dissertation Seminar (3rd year, 2nd semester) (required)
_____ Distribution Requirement: 2 courses in different areas of literature before 1800 //  1 course in Criticism or Theory
_____ NTR Courses: In semesters 2-4, register for 3 hours per semester of ENGL 9998; fall semester of your third year, register for 12 hours of ENGL 9998; spring semester, third year, register for 9 hours of ENGL 9998; for each of your remaining semesters, register for 12 hours of ENGL 9999.
_____ Required graduate-level Course Sit-in: In addition to the 15 courses listed above, all doctoral candidates are required to sit in on two graduate-level courses during the third year, attending faithfully and meeting all requirements apart from examination and submission of major essays; course instructors must certify satisfactory participation. These sit-in courses may be used to fulfill distribution requirements. List your two sit-in courses:
__________________________________________________ (Sit-in 1)    

__________________________________________________ (Sit-in 2)
_____ Foreign Language Requirement: The Department requires that candidates demonstrate either a mastery of one foreign language or a reading-knowledge proficiency in two. Candidates may demonstrate mastery in one of two ways:
A. by achieving passing grades in two University of Virginia graduate courses in literature offered in the foreign language itself (not in translation). Such courses, which may also be counted toward completion of the course requirements for the PhD in English, must be approved in advance by the Director of Graduate Studies. List your two courses here: ________________________________________________________

B. by passing an examination designed to ascertain the ability both to read critical and literary texts in the foreign language (with the aid of a dictionary) and to write discursively in that language. List the date of your foreign language mastery exam here:
The candidate may demonstrate a proficiency in two languages by passing an examination in each designed to ascertain ability to translate prose into English (with the aid of a dictionary). List the language and the date you passed your two proficiency examinations here: _________________________ (Proficiency Exam 1) _________________________ (Proficiency Exam 2)
The full foreign language requirement for the PhD must be completed before the student is allowed to take the doctoral oral examination.
Qualification for MA: Students admitted for PhD study who have completed all other requirements may apply for conferral of the MA in English upon passing either of the two parts of the PhD qualifying examinations (period or field); they are not required to take a separate MA oral exam.
PhD Qualifying Examinations _____ Period Exam Date passed: __________________________ Field Exam Date passed: _____________________________
Dissertation prospectus approved (normally by the end of sixth term) ______________ Dissertation successfully defended _____________
MA transfer-credits: see http://www.engl.virginia.edu/graduate/PhDrequirements#CourseRequirements.
Additional requirements for students of medieval literature: Preparation for writing a dissertation in medieval literature requires at least one course in Old English. Medievalists are required to pass two exams or graduate-level course-final equivalents: 1. an exam in Latin, 2. an exam in another language useful to the dissertation work, whether Old French, Arabic, Old Norse, Middle High German, Greek, or any other chosen in consultation with the faculty chair of the medieval area.