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  • 'An analysis of the Script of Vercelli, Biblioteca Capitolare MS CCXXV' in Winfried Rudolf & Timoty Leonardy, eds., An English Prayerbook of the Fifteenth Century in Vercelli - Studies in the Palaeography and History of Vercelli, Biblioteca Capitolare, MS CCXXV (Vercelli: Gallo Editoriale, 2012) pp. 63-72.


  • 2013-14- Praxis Fellowship in Digital Humanities at The Scholars Lab at University of Virginia.
  • 2009-2010-Oxford University, Justinian C. Bracegirdle Exhibition Academic scholarship.
  • 2004-2008-Asbury College, Presidential Scholarship.

Research Awards

  • 2014- AHSS Pre-Doctoral Research Fellowship: This fellowship allowed me to spend the summer of at the Bodliean Library in Oxford investigating materials related to the production and circulation of devotional texts in fifteenth-century London, particularly Pore Caitiff. The results of this research constitute the first chapter of my dissertation.
  • 2013- Bibliographic Society of the University of Virginia Battestin Fellowship: This fellowship allowed me to research materials pertaining to William Lambarde, an early scholar of Anglo-Saxon, in the collections of the University of Virginia. This collection is both critically unknown and crucial to our understanding of how Elizabethan identity was constructed out of a medieval past.
  • 2012- Bibliographical Society Minor Grant and Society for the Study of Medieval Language and Literature: With this grant, I continued the cataloging of Wadham College, Oxford manuscripts. This grant allowed me to revise the work I undertook began the course of my MPhil and to prepare my thesis for publication.
  • 2011- Vercelli, Biblioteca Capitolare Foundation Grant: This grant allowed me to spend a month in Vercelli investigating the palaoegraphic, codicological, and textual features of the gospel books in their collection. This research is part of a larger interest in the rationality of various physical forms of the gospel in medieval Europe.
  • 2010- Maxwell and Meyerstien Grant: This grant enabled palaeographic research at Vercelli, Biblioteca Capitolare and allowed me to conduct the investigations needed to complete 'Sharing the Good News in Anglo-Norman England,' my Mst. Thesis.
  • 2010- Pollard Grant to travel: With this grant, I surveyed Anglo-Norman gospe in Hereford, Cambridge, Colchester, and Londonl books critical to my Mst. Thesis 'Sharing the Good News in Anglo-Norman England.’

Conference Presentations

  • ‘From England to Eyjafjallajökull via Vercelli: The Curious Past of Vercelli MS 225,’ New Chaucer Society Conference, Rejykjavik, Iceland, 18 July 2014. This paper takes a long view of the history of a specific manuscript, Vercelli MS 225, from production to scholarly rediscovery in 2011 in order to historicize the ways in which manuscripts can and are used at various times.
  • ‘This is not a Lollard Book,’ International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, MI, 10 May 2014. This paper focuses on the ways in which a specific manuscript, Bodley 131, attempts to confront Lollard objections to contemporary religious practice. I argue that while Bodley 131 clearly does not intend to be a Lollard book, it resorts to textual strategies and production assumptions basic to Lollard textual production and use.
  • ‘Devout and Diverse “Ymaginacions”: Nicholas Love and the Mirror of History,’ International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, MI, 10 May 2013. This paper explored the ways in which Nicholas Love historicized his translation project and how he attempted to moralize history in such a way as to challenge Lollard ideas about secular dominion.
  • 'Truthiness: The Facsimulacrumization of Medieval Books and the Problems of Unintended Consequences,' at Northeast Modern Language Association Conference, Boston, 21-24 March 2013. This paper wrestles with the potential and problems inherent in the production and use of digital facsimiles by scholars of medieval books. My argument attempts to both assert the primacy of the physical object while simultaneously meditating on the ways in which digital textuality might mirror pre-print models and what such a synchronicity might mean for historians of the book.
  • 'Quod John Morton: Anthologizing Nicholas Love in the North,' at 'Out of Bounds: Mobility, Movement and Use of Manuscripts and Printed Books, 1350-1550,' Early Book Society, Center for Medieval Studies, York University, 3-7 July 2011. This paper offered some preliminary thoughts about mercantile book production and reading in fifteenth century York.
  • 'Historical Exegesis and reading the Psalms in Anglo Saxon England' at ''Let us go down there, and confound their language:' The Bible in Translation.' London, Birkbeck College 28 May 2011.

Departmental Service

  • 2014-15- Medieval Colloquium Co-Ordinator: I co-organize a weekly colloquim of graduate students interested in medieval studies. Each week we read recently published article and discuss its implications for our own work. We also organize regular guest lectures.
  • 2013-15- Interdisciplinary Undergradute Medieval Colloquium Co-Ordinator: I co-organize a weekly colloquim of undergraduate students interested in medieval studies. Some of the participants are majoring in Medieval Studies, others are writing thesis on medieval topics, and some are just interested in the period. Each week we read a short primary or secondary reading and then discuss its implications for our own work. I also organize regular material culture workshops including visits to UVA’s special collections library and the Fralin Museum.
  • 2013-14- English Graduates Organization Medieval Area Representative: I represent the medieval period to EGO (English Graduates Organization at Virginia).  In this capacity I advise offer suggestions regarding upcoming course offerings and advocate on behalf of the early periods.  
  • 2013- Graduate Conference Abstracts Reviewer: I reviewed Medieval and Early Modern abstracts for the 2013 Graduate Conference at UVA.  From c. 40 abstracts I selected 12 and placed them into three panels for which I organized conveners and respondents.
  • 2011- International Piers Plowman Conference Volunteer: I volunteered in several aspects of the International Piers Plowman Conference in Oxford. I assisted in preparation and registration as well as facilitating the book display during the conference.
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B.A., 2008, Asbury College, Magna Cum Laude (History/Latin)
M.Phil., Oxford University, English (650-1550)
Ph.D., University of Virginia, ABD