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For Job Seekers

The department of English at the University of Virginia  has an excellent placement record—click HERE to see a list of schools where our alumni have gained tenure track assistant professorships in recent years.  We are committed to helping our graduate students to present themselves as effectively as possible in their quest for employment.

Graduate students who are about to enter the academic job market (whether they’re interested in tenure track positions, administrative positions or post-doctoral fellowships)  should touch base with the faculty member serving as Placement Director in early May and request a registration form to complete so that they may be added to his or her data base of applicants.  They will also be added to our mailing list for job-seekers.

The Placement Director is available to offer advice on readiness for the job market, on preparing application materials, on interview and campus visit strategies, and on negotiations subsequent to receiving a job offer.  Applicants are strongly advised to take advantage of his or her help and to read all his/her postings on the jobseekers’ mailing list.

A special fund is available to help applicants who have been offered at least one interview at the MLA conference with some of their travel expenses: see Randy Swift in the Graduate English Office to get the appropriate application form.

The University has a special branch of its own careers counseling services especially for graduate students in Arts and Sciences who have decided not to enter the academic job market.

The current Placement Director is Bruce Holsinger, bh9n@virginia.edu.