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Prospectus Approval Form


(Submit top half of this form by May 1st of 3rd year, bottom half by October 1st of 4th year)

Date: ________________________
Name: _______________________________________________________________
Topic of Dissertation: ____________________________________________________
Dissertation Committee:
(Please print names):
Director: _____________________________________________________

Reader: _____________________________________________________
Reader: _____________________________________________________

The candidate must return this portion to the Graduate Office by May 1.

Title of Dissertation: _____________________________________________________

As the committee gathers to consider the prospectus at a point no later than early November in the student's 4th year the candidate and the committee members should discuss their expectations and responsibilities, including their understanding of respective roles as director or reader. (At what stage of development will committee members evaluate and comment on chapter drafts? How many drafts will they read? How much lead time should the candidate allow in order to ensure timely return of drafts once they are submitted?)
Committee members' signatures below certify approval of the prospectus:

_______________________________________ Date: ______________
_______________________________________ Date: ______________
_______________________________________ Date: ______________

The candidate must return this form completed with signatures to the Graduate Office by October 1.