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Calendar Sync


Getting Automatic Creative Writing Calendar Updates:
You can always find events on our program calendar at
For the tech savvy among you, or just for those of you who live and die by your smartphone calendar, you can sync our UVA Creative Writing Calendar to your iPhone or Android by following these directions:
Most Apple iPhones
  1. From the main screen, tap on Settings
  2. Choose "Mail, contacts, calendars"
  3. Tap "Add Account"
  4. Tap "Other"
  5. Tap "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  6. Enter tinyurl.com/adduvacw
  7. If your phone will not accept the tinyurl URL, use the longer URL that appears below for Android devices.
Google User with Android Phone/Device
  1. Copy the following calendar URL:
  2. Use a computer or phone/tablet browser to go to google.com/calendar
  3. If you are using your phone or tablet, click on "Desktop" view at the bottom of the screen.
  4. On the left (if you are logged in to your Google account), there is a list of calendars.
  5. At the bottom of that list is a section "Other Calendars" and a downward arrow.
  6. If you click this arrow and select "Add by URL" you can paste/enter the URL copied from above:
  7. Leave the "publicly accessible" box unchecked.
We can't offer much in the way of technical support, but if there is an error in our directions, please let us know at creativewriting@virginia.edu.  Technology has a way of changing and presenting new wrinkles.  If you run into one, let us know.