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Renaissance Literature


  • ENRN 8110 Renaissance Poetry

    1530-1645 MW - CABELL 225

    Instructor: Gordon Braden

    We will read some of the major works of English 16th-century poetry: mostly lyric & mostly love poetry, but with some attention to other genres & subjects. We will begin with two weeks on Petrarch’s Canzoniere, & be paying particular attention to the way in which Petrarch’s influence is manifested, challenged, & reworked in the writing of later authors; we will end with Shakespeare’s Sonnets. In between, we will be reading Wyatt, Surrey, Gascoigne, Sidney, Spenser, Marlowe, Raleigh, Daniel, & some lesser figures, as well as a few continental poets of the time; Queen Elizabeth I will make a special appearance. There will be three short papers (5-7 pp.) & a final exam.

  • ENRN 8500 Afterlives of Epic

    1400-1515 TR - BRYAN 332

    Instructor: Daniel Kinney

    What becomes of the epic, especially (but not only) in Renaissance England? Where has it been, and where does it still have to go? Why does the most elevated of literary modes in traditional reckonings end up seeming passe or impossible to so many moderns? Works to be read include Homer's epics, The Aeneid, The Inferno, Paradise Lost, Robinson Crusoe, The Dunciad, and The Waste Land. Class requirements: lively participation including brief email responses, a substantial final paper, and a final exam.